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Renovation of the Heart.

Who would you choose to remodel your home? It’s a big decision, right? Go a little deeper. Who would you choose to design your life? In this sermon series, Pastor Matt asks the question we all need to answer or it will be answered for us.

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Small Groups.

You’ve heard there is strength in numbers. Did you know God said it first? (Check out Hebrews 10:25.) Small groups offer a place to find encouragement, connect with others, celebrate life – find strength in numbers. Decide today to join a group that fits YOU!

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STARs Dance.

Does your child’s foot tap to any beat? Do pirouettes and leaps define the way your child walks? STARs dance creates a space for your young dancer’s heart to flourish in modern, ballet and jazz techniques. But hurry! These are the last days to register.

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