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Strengthen the Core.

What does it mean to live biblically? Worship freely? Equip fully? Pastor Matt is excited for you to hear the answers from a few of our pastors and leaders in this important series on the core values of Morning Star — timely truth for everyone.

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The Parks.

Dating at age 15 and married at 20, Jonathan and Michelle Park set on a journey marked by faith. Four children (Victoria, Olivia, Johnny and Bella) later, life runs at a quick pace for these teen sweethearts. Did they imagine mom-kid dance parties or simply being grateful for a day to be together?

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IMPACT Training.

The ravage of drugs and alcohol on Geauga County and its families proves undeniable. IMPACT training raises the level of prayer and ministry by the body of Christ to meet this challenge head on. Join us in learning how to best help the hurting.

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