Recent Sermons

Renovation of the Heart.

Who would you choose to remodel your home? It’s a big decision, right? Go a little deeper. Who would you choose to design your life? In this sermon series, Pastor Matt asks the question we all need to answer or it will be answered for us.

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Pastor Paul.

Always ready for conversation, Pastor Paul adds a contagious smile and a personal knowledge of God to every encounter. Willing to lend a hand when a need arises, his enthusiasm shouts of his heart to do all for God’s glory. But, perhaps what defines him best is grace. Thank you, Pastor Paul, for serving us well (when others might have chosen Cancun).

STARs Basketball.

Put your game face on! Come play like STARs! Hoop action at Morning Star arena begins in January for kids in grades 1-6. But HUSTLE! Team evaluations run November 4, 8 and 9. Register today and snag an evaluation spot. We want YOU on the team this season!

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