The Andlers.

Ask the Andler family about their quirks, and you get this answer: Sophia looks like Dad, Will, and acts like Mom, Rachel. Audrey looks like Mom and acts like Dad. Add Fancy, their three-year-old boxer pup, who suffers from anxiety and a recent, frustrating invasion of mice to the mix, and well … there you have it.

Ideally, you can find the Andler family traveling to Florida to visit Pappy, soaking up a beach vacation with friends or visiting Washington DC (their fave vacation spot). But, the current challenge of busyness finds them struggling to just rest. Can you relate?

In Bible history, God gives new names. This family would love the name Maoilios (Scottish Gaelic), meaning “servant of Jesus”. Their spiritual hero, Grandma Dolly, inspires them to walk the life of a humble servant, devoted to Christ, by living a life of prayer and faith.

For fun, the Andler family watches movies, plays chess and tries new restaurants. But, helping others tops the list. Serving together helps them see the needs in the community. At Morning Star, the small group ministry and back-to-school clothing drive benefit from their serving spirit. And, ask them about Camp Uncle Will. It’s inspirational!

From healing of stomach bugs to travel to conflict resolution at school, seeing the answer to prayer keeps the Andler family on their knees. Their go-to prayers are ones for family unity, a harmonious home and protection over family members as they come and go — all while being thankful God is the Provider.