The Benningtons.

At Morning Star, you find the Benningtons in family small group. The boys helping with the STARs program. And, Joy leading women’s ministry. Serving helps this family connect and grow in relationship with other families at the church and fuels their personal spiritual lives.

Highs and lows of everyday life. Juggling schedules. Balancing sports, school, work and family. Bill and Joy tackle life with three boys by protecting time together. Family dinner and bedtime prayers remain a priority. Boating, playing cards, dinner and a movie, and Nerf gun wars keep them connected.

Bill’s Texas rockets served at Thanksgiving. Christmas brunch with extended family. Time with aunts, uncles and cousins breathes life into this clan. Their spiritual hero, Joy’s mom, models her faith in God through word and action. And, she gives wise answers to the boys’ most difficult questions.

Ask the Benningtons their fave vacation spot, and you hear one resounding answer: the OCEAN! This family loves being together. Getting away from the busyness means even more with one son in college. But, even at home, they are thankful for another day with family.

Hard work and prayer are hallmarks of the Bennington name. Big family projects get done quickly with this crew. And, simple prayers fortify them: “We thank God for each day, for everything He has given us and for His protection.” What name would they want God to give them? “We really love the Bennington name”.