The Zeigers.

This family’s heart beats for community. The Zeigers feel convicted, called and grateful to be part of the Chardon public school system. Rec and athletic programs give them a chance to engage relationally with the community — a blessing! They may not do it perfectly, but certainly purposefully.

Scott and Allison Zeiger grew up in Chardon. None of their children, Jonah, Jake or Abby, were born in Ohio but roam the same Chardon High halls their parents did. While they lived in California and New York, they are grateful every day to be home.

Service defines this family. Abby rocks the clothing closet helping young shoppers and loves holding babies in the nursery. The boys shine as refs in the STARs basketball program — modeling Scott as he coaches and impacts his kids and many others through Chardon Rec and travel basketball. Allison, a small group leader, says each opportunity grows their hearts and helps them die to self.

Summer finds the Zeiger family indulging their unhealthy relationship with ice cream or sneaking off to their favorite vacation spot – Lakeside, Ohio. They love spending time together but also appreciate solitude. This Chautauqua community offers space for both and holds many family memories.

With a passion for competition, all three Zeiger teens play a variety of school sports. The whole family enjoys being active, especially outdoors. If you find yourself in a game of kickball or wiffle ball with them, consider yourself warned. They play all in, and they play to win.

Did you know? Allison is the sister of Will Andler (from last month’s family spotlight).