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Divorce emits a ripple of unprecedented situations and lasting hurts. We want you to know there is healing and support for you. Your struggles and questions are welcome here — no matter your current marital status or faith base. Divorce Care is a small group experience for you to find comfort, hope, healing and recovery from divorce.

Divorce Care
Mondays, 7 p.m. (runs in 13-week sessions)

Not comfortable just dropping in? Contact Ty Pilarczyak, local yokel046@gmail.com. He would love to talk with you.


The hard reality: Substance abuse ravages families and communities. Ours included. God’s plan includes freedom and peace from such things. At Morning Star, you find a safe place to grieve, heal and find hope. We focus on supporting families through grief programs, community events and by raising awareness. Jesus brings hope to all who are impacted.

Life Recovery
Mondays, 6:30 p.m.

Not comfortable dropping in? Contact Paul through the Morning Star office, info@msfchurch.com or (440) 286-2510. He would love to talk with you.


Addiction grips hard. Fortunately, God grips harder. Life Recovery at Morning Star seeks to break the hold on those struggling with addiction … or just struggling with life … by helping them connect to the victory-producing power of Jesus. Victory? Yes! Freedom? Yes! Curious? Read on ….

Life Recovery has been active at Morning Star for over two years. The program was designed, and the focus was and still is, to provide a Bible-centered approach to drug and alcohol addiction, and support for those people, directly or indirectly, impacted by this struggle.

However, as the program began to grow and develop, calls were being received from people asking what the program was about and whether it might be something they could come to — even if their primary issue was not addiction to drugs and alcohol. Paul Goodwin, Life Recovery lead, always responds the same, “Why don’t you come and find out for yourself. You would be more than welcome.”

There is a reality rising … 

Aren’t we all in some state of recovery? 

Aren’t we all in need of guidance from God’s Word? 

Don’t we all need support or direction in our life struggles? 

Don’t we all need to become more Christ-focused in our daily walk?


Several came and several stayed!

We now have people coming to the group with a wide range of concerns and issues. We use the 12 Steps of Life Recovery as the footstool for working toward a more Christ-centered walk, not just for addiction to drugs and alcohol, but for those many things that distract us from living the life Christ calls us to live. 

What folks have discovered is a loving, caring, supportive “family”. The focus is the Bible and its Truth applied to walking in this world with all its distractions from living as Christ calls us to live. We work to discover, through the 12 Steps, the hard truths we need to recognize and own. We also learn to use those truths to “get better” in handling our struggles more biblically. 

We use the Life Recovery Bible and connected workbook to individually answer the many questions resulting from our weekly study. The workbook questions and answers can be used to personally gauge growth or to share with the group both our struggles and successes.

Life Recovery is about how to walk better with Jesus.