MSFC Update.

God is typically up to something unexpected at MSFC! And we do love to tell the stories of how we see Him working. Check out the hiring update below.

Strange how starting down a path leads to another path of an unforeseen but great discovery. I have two such stories to tell you!

FIRST STORY: Morning Star sought an office administrator for many months. The path was to end with the hiring of the right person for the right job.

However, the path took a surprising turn.

God has blessed us with two office administrators! Let me explain.

Jen Edwards voiced an interest in returning to serve on staff at Morning Star in response to God’s prompting. However, she wanted to work two days per week so she could continue to work as a nurse. Our current office administrator, Julie, wanted to continue in her position as the office administrator but also wanted more time for family, neighbors, and volunteer roles.

Jen and Julie brainstormed on job sharing. This turned into a great discovery! We now have two office administrators! Both are self-motivated, hard-working and great team players. Both want to honor God! God has blessed us!!

To keep you in the loop:

  • Jen begins to serve as office administrator the week of July 12.
  • The office hours will be Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.
  • Jen and Julie will alternate hours to cover the office.

SECOND STORY: Another path Morning Star started to walk was the one leading to an executive pastor. Since neither of the two desired candidates panned out, we paused to pray. It appears the Lord is trying to tell us something through this process. Therefore, the current decision is to wait on the Lord. In His time, another great discovery awaits us! (Yes, the end of this story is yet to be told.)

Aren’t you excited to see what God will do next?


Pastor Matt