Sermon Listening Guides

2019-11-10 Renovation of the Heart: Pursuit of Happiness
2019-11-03 Renovation of the Heart: Transformed Feelings
2019-10-27 Renovation of the Heart: The Mind – Governing Ideas
2019-10-20 Renovation of the Heart: The Mind – Ideas and Images
2019-10-13 Renovation of the Heart: VIM
2019-10-06 Renovation of the Heart: Alive to God
2019-09-29 Renovation of the Heart: Not God
2019-09-22 Renovation of the Heart: The Heart of Renovation
2019-09-15 Renovation of the Heart: More Than Curb Appeal
2019-07-28 Jonah Pt 5:  Share Hope
2019-07-21 Jonah Pt 4: Relunctant Missionary
2019-07-14 Jonah Pt 3: Keep Moving Forward
2019-07-07 Jonah Pt 2: Praying in the Storm
2019-06-23 Strengthening the Core: For King and Kingdom
2019-06-16 Strengthening the Core: Go Boldly 2
2019-06-09 Strengthening the Core: Go Boldly 1
2019-06-02 Strengthening the Core: Equip Fully
2019-05-26 Strengthening the Core: Worship Freely 2 – Holy Roar
2019-05-19 Strengthen the Core: Worship Freely 1
2019-05-12 Strengthen the Core: Live Biblically
2019-05-05 Strengthen the Core: Engage Relationally
2019-04-28 Strengthen the Core: Pray Diligently
2019-04-21 It Is Finished: My Beginning
2019-04-14 It Is Finished: Shout Praise
2019-04-07 It Is Finished: So Grateful
2019-03-31 Serving Joyfully: Love Deeply
2019-03-24 Serving Joyfully: One Spirit, One Body, One Part
2019-03-17 Serving Joyfully: God’s Purpose. My Gifts.
2019-03-10 Serving Joyfully: The Body in Action
2019-03-03 Amazing God: I AM
2019-02-24 Amazing God: The Son, The Vine
2019-02-17 Amazing God: The Son, The Way
2019-02-10 Amazing God: The Son, the Resurrection
2019-02-03 Amazing God: The Son, the Good Shepherd
2019-01-13 Amazing God: The Son, Light of the World
2019-01-06 Amazing God: The Son, Bread of Life
2018-12-23 Amazing God: Son of Man
2018-12-16 Amazing God: Son of God
2018-12-09 Amazing God: The Son, Lamb of God
2018-12-02 Amazing God: The Son, Full of Grace & Truth
2018-11-25 Amazing God: The Spirit Who Directs
2018-11-18 Amazing God: The Spirit of Truth
2018-11-11 Amazing God: The Spirit Who Baptizes
2018-11-04 Amazing God: The Spirit, Your Future
2018-10-28 Amazing God: The Father Known
2018-10-21 Amazing God: The Father Revealed
2018-10-14 Amazing God: The Father Who Sends
2018-10-07 Amazing God: Father, Son and Spirit