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Sunday, July 18. Church-22. Strengthening the Core: Worship Fully. Worship freely. We all have ideas of what that means and what that looks like. Andy Grubbs, worship director, shares a biblical perspective that just may challenge our thoughts. Download listening guide.

Sunday, July 11. Church-22. Strengthening the Core: Equip Fully. Are we prepared to battle evil with full armor? Or the make-believe version? Pastor Matt delineates the difference to equip us fully. Also … do not miss the powerful God story of prayer and obedience Nancy Branem shares! Download listening guide.

Sunday, July 4. Church-22. Strengthening the Core: Make Disciples. Making disciples lays at the core of all we do in faith. Are you distracted by secondary stuff? Have you given the room for discipleship it requires? Download listening guide.

Sunday, June 27. Church-22. Strengthening the Core: Go Boldly. The only thing we can do on earth that will be irrelevant in Heaven is share Jesus. Though He did not force the decision, Jesus brought people to the place of making a decision. So shall we? Download listening guide.

Sunday, June 20. Church-22. Strengthening the Core: Engage Relationally. Building relationships can be hard. Pastor Matt shares this struggle. But to be the church God wants us to be, this becomes an important lesson and practice. Download listening guide.

Sunday, June 6. Church-22. Strengthening the Core: Live Biblically. Pastor Matt opens the Strengthening the Core series with encouragement on living biblically. In Jesus, there is always a way to win. But we have to define what a win is — doing the will of God. Download listening guide.

Sunday, May 30. A time to set hearts aright and raise voices to the living God!