Our Messages


Do you love a good home remodel? We do. The transformation can be astounding. Do you know Jesus wants to do a similar renovation on your heart? Will you choose Him to design your life? Take a listen and see if you don’t agree He is the Master Builder – no other designer compares.

— You can also catch the summer series below. —

November 10. Renovation of the Heart: Pursuit of Happiness. (Psalm 37:4). Pastor Nick presents a sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, always passionate discussion of happiness. He suggests everything we do is designed for our happiness. Listen to see if you agree. Download the listening guide here.

November 3. Renovation of the Heart: Transformed Feelings. (Romans 15:13). Feelings, nothing more than feelings…did you just sing those words? Pastor Matt talks about how we can control our feelings, rather than be controlled by them. Listen to his story of personal transformation. Download the listening guide here.

October 27. Renovation of the Heart: The Mind – Governing Ideas. (Romans 8:1-9). Thoughts feed our heart and impact our actions. Our mess gets created here. Change begins here. Let’s talk about how to get ahold of this seemingly uncontrollable part of us. Download the listening guide here.

October 20. Renovation of the Heart: The Mind – Ideas and Images. (Colossians 1:9-15.) If we are not careful, the world makes decisions for us. We may not even be aware of it. How do we resist this influence? How do you protect your mind from deceptive and hollow philosophies?  Download the listening guide here.

October 13. Renovation of the Heart: VIM. (2 Peter 1:3-4.) What does V.I.M. stand for? What does it mean to take up your cross daily? What power do you have to live a godly life? Pastor Matt discusses these important concepts in being Jesus’ disciple. Listen until the end for a critical challenge. Download the listening guide here.

October 6. Renovation of the Heart: Alive to God. (John 12:24-25.) The condition of our heart proves grave — being destroyed by termites from the inside out. But, God’s Word declares good news to combat our powerlessness to change our condition. Will you believe it? Download the listening guide here. 

September 29. Renovation of the Heart: Not God. (Romans 3:9-18). What do termites and sin have in common? What does the answer reveal about the condition of our hearts? Why does it matter? Pastor Matt takes a hard look at the biblical answers to these questions. You will want to hear this. Download the listening guide here.

September 22. Renovation of the Heart: The Heart of Renovation. (Luke 10:25-28). Heart and soul – likely you’ve heard several understandings of these human attributes. How does God’s Word explain them? And, what do our thoughts and feelings, body and social life have to do with them? Download the listening guide here. 

September 15. Renovation of the Heart: Heart Renovation Goes Beyond Curb Appeal. (Galatians 4 & 5). This message kicks off a vital series in the life of those following Jesus. How do we experience the inexpressible joy God promises? What does that even mean? Listen in. Download the listening guide here. 

September 8. Look Up, Child. (Colossians 3). Pastor Nick gives biblical understanding to the hope of “things above”. A message of encouragement. A challenge to seek God alone.

September 1. Holy Roar Sunday. Listen and worship with us.

August 25. Whatever You Ask. What one thing, above anything else, would you ask of God? What is top priority to you? God asks this of Solomon in the Bible: “What do you want me to give you?” Wow! What would you say?

August 18. The Hope of the Gospel. India, the most Gospel-hungry nation in the world, challenges Christian work with its dangers. Roy Jones’ gives his account of the ministry happening halfway around the world.

August 4. In Awe of God. Take a ride on a wild roller coaster with the team just returning from Brazil. Originally headed to India, God had one surprise in store for this Morning Star team that changed everything.

July 28. Jonah, Pt 5. (Book of Jonah) Jonah finally obeys God. Still he does not want good things for Nineveh. Can you relate? And what does this have to do with the Pittsburgh Steelers? Download the listening guide here. 

July 21. Jonah, Pt 4. (Jonah 4:1-11) Jonah continues to challenge God, even after he obeys him. How does God respond to Jonah’s tantrum? How does God respond to our tantrums? Download the listening guide here. 

July 14. Jonah, Pt 3. (Jonah 3:1-10) What is the point of God holding Jonah in the belly of a whale? As punishment? You might be surprised to hear God meant it as quite the opposite. Download the listening guide here. 

July 7. Jonah, Pt 2. (Jonah 2:1-10) Have you cried out to God in distress? Do you wonder what might happen if you did? Learn about God’s response to you from his response to Jonah. Download the listening guide here. 

June 30. Jonah, Pt 1. Pastor Nick invites the kids to help him act out the story of Jonah. Hear the results! And the powerful lesson this story holds for all of us. (No listening guide this week.)