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Sunday, August 2. A Live Worth Living: Unity. Would Jesus wear a mask? Pastor Matt challenges us to think bigger. Open your Bible and hear the act of obedience God calls you to through Jesus. Warning: This could get convicting! Download listening guide here.

Sunday, July 26. A Live Worth Living: Dare to Share the Gospel. Pastor Matt and Andy, worship leader, lead through a time of praise (yada — to extend hands in praise), surrender and daring to share the gospel. Great encouragement for the times we face. Download listening guide here.

Sunday, July 19. A Live Worth Living: Sharing Hope. A morning full of victory and vision! Bryan and Tabitha Johnson share a powerful testimony of God’s grace extended through the church. Leaders cast a vision for sharing hope. Pastor Matt and the worship team tie it all together to encourage us all. Download listening guide here.

Sunday, July 12. Jesus is the One. When we build around one human or one thing and not the one Jesus, heartbreak is inevitable. Pastor Nick talks about his first love and its ensuing heartbreak. It reminds us who we need to love. Download listening guide here.

Sunday, July 5. God is With You. You may feel like the odds are stacked against you. Pastor Nick Chesnes talks about defying the odds with Christian faith. Learn from those God-followers who lived before us to be strengthened for today. Download listening guide here.

Sunday, June 28. A Life Worth Living: Jesus is Christ. Pastor Matt continues in Philippians with a new series. Oh, there is so much to learn from the Apostle Paul! This week we talk about his deep connection with the person of Jesus the Christ. Download listening guide here.

Sunday, June 21. Chains Break. Doors Open: Anxious to Content. Condo camping reduces anxiety. What?!? Pastor Matt explains and offers biblical insight on tackling anxiety — no matter its source. Download listening guide here.

Sunday, June 14. Anxiety — we all know it. Recent circumstances tend to fuel it. Pastor Matt believes the Bible offers a clear solution. Listen to discover how to break this chain and experience freedom. Download listening guide here.

Sunday, June 7. Chains Break. Doors Open: Christian Maturity! Being mature in our faith means different things depending on our spiritual age. Pastor Matt encourages us to extend grace to one another and yet, continue to pursue maturity ourselves. Let’s talk about how to do that. Download listening guide here.

Sunday, May 31. Chains Break. Doors Open: I Press. I Strive. Hear what once made Pastor Matt sprint to finish the race strong. Better yet, hear what made the Apostle Paul sprint strong to the end; and what now takes ahold of and inspires Pastor Matt. Download listening guide here.

Sunday, May 24. To mask or mask not. Pastor Matt talks about how to walk worthy in Christ in these times. Download listening guide here.

Sunday, May 17. Chains Break. Doors Open: Having the Mind of Christ! Who do you model your life after? Pastor Matt discusses the life of the Apostle Paul and his example of having the mind of Christ — something we could all learn from. Download listening guide here.

May 10. Chains Break. Doors Open: To Live is Christ! Pastor Matt confesses his intimidation by the Apostle Paul. But it does not cause him to shrink back, it drives him to know more — more “to live is Christ, to die is gain.” Download listening guide here.

May 3. Chains Break, Doors Open: Being Confident! Finding joy that overflows to others seems impossible in challenging times. Pastor Matt Chesnes shares how the Apostle Paul got it — and how we can too. Hint: It has to do with confidence. Download listening guide here.

April 26. Chains Break, Doors Open: Rejoice! Chains, break and doors open — what doors is God opening for us today? Will we walk through them? Pastor Matt dives into this sermon series on the book of Philippians to discover the answer. Download listening guide here.

April 19. Chains Break. Doors Open: An Introduction. Technology threatened to cancel the message, but God’s Word still goes out! Catch this quick worship session as Pastor Matt introduces his sermon series on the book of Philippians. And tune in online next Sunday as chains break and doors open!

April 12. Resurrection Sunday. Two men in the New Testament, Peter and Cornelius, met and it changed each of them. One a Jesus follower, the other not so much. Pastor Matt talks about this relationship and what God had for both men (and us) to learn. Download listening guide here.

April 5. Palm Sunday HOPE. Jesus enters Jerusalem with the people’s hopes and dreams on Him being King! But things take an unexpected turn … can you relate? Pastor Matt walks through this story and truth and what it means today. Download listening guide here.

March 29. Holy Matrimony!. Earmuffs and Peanut Butter. The principles of James 1:19 apply even in times of stress and too-close-for-comfort quarantines. Pastor Matt Chesnes shares practical solutions to being quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger. Download listening guide here.

March 22. Holy Matrimony! Communicating in a Car. Peace amid the chaos of the COVID-19 panic seems a mirage. Pastor Matt Chesnes shares truth that peace-filled conversations are more than possible — with the God of the impossible. Download listening guide here.

March 15. Holy Matrimony! Running on Empty? Whether your love tank is filled or drained impacts your marriage. Pastor Matt Chesnes shares how to guarantee your love tank stays full. Your relationships will thank you. Download listening guide here.

March 8. HOLY!!! Matrimony!: Warning Light Reset. How do you handle the warning light in your car? Ignore it? Cover it with tape? Pretend it’s something else? Unresolved anger ruins relationships. Get tips for dealing with this volatile emotion. Download listening guide here.

March 1. HOLY!!! Matrimony!: Warning Light. Venting feels good. Revenge is sweet. Really? Pastor Matt talks about anger in a different light. Listen to take an anger test and get a vision of freedom from this powerful emotion. Download listening guide here.

February 23. HOLY!!! Matrimony!: Cruisin’ With Grace. Sharing a Life Saver with others means we need to have Life Savers to share. We can’t give what we don’t have. How do we receive the love we need to give to our spouse? Download listening guide here.

February 16. HOLY!!! Matrimony!: Yield More. Often wives hear they are to submit. Did you know husbands are to submit as well? Pastor Matt explains how God created this dynamic to work in marriage. (Catch the skit at the beginning too!) Download the listening guide here.

February 9. HOLY!!! Matrimony!: Yield. Our spirits rebel when we hear the word submit. Pastor Matt challenges us to consider that the word was hijacked. He and Joy Bennington offer a different view of what it means for spouses to submit to one another. Download listening guide here.

February 2. HOLY!!! Matrimony!: The Road Trip. You must pack certain items for the marriage road trip. Pastor Matt prepares us for the journey and reveals the purpose of marriage. (If you are not married, he explains why you need this series as well.) Download the listening guide here.