Youth events at Morning Star Church

Seasonal Events

Summer, Christmas, Easter and more bring plenty of meaningful fun for youth at Morning Star. Our youth ministries aim to think outside the box and give your kids a chance to hear about Jesus in a new way, doing activities they love.

Candy Cane Lane

Peppermint pancakes (or regular, if preferred) get served up with a bounce house, craft, holiday story and plenty of memories on Candy Cane Lane. Preschool and elementary-aged children invite their families for a Christmas celebration, candy-cane style.

Easter Egg Hunt

In the spring, Morning Star buzzes with kids (toddler age through grade 5) searching for treat-filled eggs, following a family-focused worship service celebrating Jesus. Find the rare eggs for an even bigger haul. Or, come to know Jesus – the ultimate prize.

Family Fun Fest

Climbing walls, obstacle courses, face painting, balloon creations, games and grab-and-go eats create a carnival-like atmosphere, giving families budget-friendly fun. Each fun fest looks different, but each promises to build family connections through play.

STARs Art Classes

Art activates both sides of the brain. It improves focus and memory. It gets kids thinking outside the box. It reflects God’s creativity and message. Starting in the arts at a young age boosts kids’ view of themselves and others, whether the next Monet or just a kid who loves art.

STARs Basketball Camp and League

The summer opens outdoor space for kids to shoot hoops, improve basketball skills, and build character and relationships at the STARs basketball camp. Winter brings on the friendly competition of the STARs basketball league. Both prioritize children, families and Jesus.

STARs Soccer Camp and League

The spring and summer find kids passing and dribbling but not just basketballs. Kicking the soccer ball around the field releases energy, improves skills and builds character. Add Jesus to the mix and you get STARs soccer camp and league play.