Small Group Spotlight

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Young Adult Small Group

Walk into Morning Star on Tuesday evenings and you hear a roar of laughter from a group of friends cracking jokes and sharing stories of their week. The young adult small group has been meeting for about two years now going through the books of the Bible one chapter at a time. 

What does this group mean to co-leader, Mackenzie Durst? “The young adults’ small group is a place where I can find like-minded friends to laugh with, cry with, and go through life with. We have someone from all walks of life. We have those who are just learning about their faith to those who know the Bible inside and out. We have high school graduates and those who are ready to start a family. It is a great mix of people that are there to learn more about the Gospel and each other.” 

The group goes through one chapter a week to allow for more in-depth conversations about what the verses mean and the history behind them. Mackenzie Durst and Nick Chesnes lead the group.

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