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March 29. Holy Matrimony! Earmuffs and Peanut Butter





Navigating the roadblocks, detours, mountains, valleys, amusement parks and dangerous cities of the marriage journey requires a Guidebook, Power and Spark (GPS). Pastor Matt covers love as a choice, mutual submission, unresolved anger, communication and more in this relationship series everyone benefits from — single or married.

Also catch Adding Vigor to the Vim and Renovation of the Heart audio below.


March 22. Holy Matrimony! Communicating in a Car. Peace amid the chaos of the COVID-19 panic seems a mirage. Pastor Matt Chesnes shares truth that peace-filled conversations are more than possible — with the God of the impossible. Download listening guide here.

March 15. Holy Matrimony! Running on Empty? Whether your love tank is filled or drained impacts your marriage. Pastor Matt Chesnes shares how to guarantee your love tank stays full. Your relationships will thank you. Download listening guide here.

March 8. HOLY!!! Matrimony!: Warning Light Reset. How do you handle the warning light in your car? Ignore it? Cover it with tape? Pretend it’s something else? Unresolved anger ruins relationships. Get tips for dealing with this volatile emotion. Download listening guide here.

March 1. HOLY!!! Matrimony!: Warning Light. Venting feels good. Revenge is sweet. Really? Pastor Matt talks about anger in a different light. Listen to take an anger test and get a vision of freedom from this powerful emotion. Download listening guide here.

February 23. HOLY!!! Matrimony!: Cruisin’ With Grace. Sharing a Life Saver with others means we need to have Life Savers to share. We can’t give what we don’t have. How do we receive the love we need to give to our spouse? Download listening guide here.

February 16. HOLY!!! Matrimony!: Yield More. Often wives hear they are to submit. Did you know husbands are to submit as well? Pastor Matt explains how God created this dynamic to work in marriage. (Catch the skit at the beginning too!) Download the listening guide here.

February 9. HOLY!!! Matrimony!: Yield. Our spirits rebel when we hear the word submit. Pastor Matt challenges us to consider that the word was hijacked. He and Joy Bennington offer a different view of what it means for spouses to submit to one another. Download listening guide here.

February 2. HOLY!!! Matrimony!: The Road Trip. You must pack certain items for the marriage road trip. Pastor Matt prepares us for the journey and reveals the purpose of marriage. (If you are not married, he explains why you need this series as well.) Download the listening guide here.

January 29. Adding Vigor to the VIM: Build the Social. (Philippians 2:1-11). How does God expect your relationships to function? Hint: The answer has little to do with you. Listen as Pastor Matt shares. And, get in on the 70-day health challenge! Download the sermon listening guide here.

Grab the 70-Day Health Challenge here.

January 12. Adding Vigor to the VIM: Strengthen the Mind. (1 Corinthians 2:16). This week we add a workout challenge for the mind to last week’s training. Do you know the Bible says you have the mind of God? Listen as Pastor Matt explains this. Download the sermon listening guide here. 

January 5. Adding Vigor to the VIM: Buffet the Body. (1 Corinthians 9:24-27). God lays out a vision for us. But it costs us. Do we have the vigor to see it through to the end? Pastor Matt offers encouragement and how-to workout ideas. Download the listening guide here.

December 29. Renovation of the Heart: Intent. (Matthew 11:29-30). In the season of failing New Year’s resolutions, are we simply acting like Christians rather than being Christians? Pastor Paul asks, “what are you going to do about Jesus this year?” Download the listening guide here.

December 22. Renovation of the Heart: The Front Door. (John 3:16-21). Are there doors in your house closed to Jesus? Maybe you keep the front door locked tight? Pastor Matt offers compelling reasons to open your home (and heart) to Jesus. Download the listening guide here.

December 15. Renovation of the Heart: Lights in the World. (2 Peter 1:2-8). Light and dark. Part of the natural order? Or do they offer deeper spiritual meaning and insight? What does the Bible say? Hint: You get a choice of where to dwell. Download the listening guide here.

December 8. Renovation of the Heart: The Heart. (Romans 10:9-11). The world says “Follow your heart”. God also has much to say about the heart. And, the message might sound a little different. Listen as Pastor Matt shares biblical insight on the heart. Download the listening guide here.

December 1. Renovation of the Heart: The Soul. (Psalm 42:1-11). The soul seems like a mystical, poetic part of the body. But, God’s Word says it is real and worth our attention. How do we tend to our soul? Download the listening guide here.

November 24. Renovation of the Heart: The Social Side. (1 John 3:11-15). Do you withdraw from or attack people around you? What model does Jesus offer for a healthy relationship? What does any of this have to do with the state of our souls? Listen in. Download the listening guide here.

November 17. Renovation of the Heart: The Body. (Romans 6:11-14). The world teaches to obey your body. God takes a different view. A perspective that gives life. A position that counts the body as an instrument of worship. What does this mean? Download the listening guide here.

November 10. Renovation of the Heart: Pursuit of Happiness. (Psalm 37:4). Pastor Nick presents a sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, always passionate discussion of happiness. He suggests everything we do is designed for our happiness. Listen to see if you agree. Download the listening guide here.

November 3. Renovation of the Heart: Transformed Feelings. (Romans 15:13). Feelings, nothing more than feelings…did you just sing those words? Pastor Matt talks about how we can control our feelings, rather than be controlled by them. Listen to his story of personal transformation. Download the listening guide here.

October 27. Renovation of the Heart: The Mind – Governing Ideas. (Romans 8:1-9). Thoughts feed our heart and impact our actions. Our mess gets created here. Change begins here. Let’s talk about how to get ahold of this seemingly uncontrollable part of us. Download the listening guide here.

October 20. Renovation of the Heart: The Mind – Ideas and Images. (Colossians 1:9-15.) If we are not careful, the world makes decisions for us. We may not even be aware of it. How do we resist this influence? How do you protect your mind from deceptive and hollow philosophies?  Download the listening guide here.

October 13. Renovation of the Heart: VIM. (2 Peter 1:3-4.) What does V.I.M. stand for? What does it mean to take up your cross daily? What power do you have to live a godly life? Pastor Matt discusses these important concepts in being Jesus’ disciple. Listen until the end for a critical challenge. Download the listening guide here.

October 6. Renovation of the Heart: Alive to God. (John 12:24-25.) The condition of our heart proves grave — being destroyed by termites from the inside out. But, God’s Word declares good news to combat our powerlessness to change our condition. Will you believe it? Download the listening guide here. 

September 29. Renovation of the Heart: Not God. (Romans 3:9-18). What do termites and sin have in common? What does the answer reveal about the condition of our hearts? Why does it matter? Pastor Matt takes a hard look at the biblical answers to these questions. You will want to hear this. Download the listening guide here.

September 22. Renovation of the Heart: The Heart of Renovation. (Luke 10:25-28). Heart and soul – likely you’ve heard several understandings of these human attributes. How does God’s Word explain them? And, what do our thoughts and feelings, body and social life have to do with them? Download the listening guide here. 

September 15. Renovation of the Heart: Heart Renovation Goes Beyond Curb Appeal. (Galatians 4 & 5). This message kicks off a vital series in the life of those following Jesus. How do we experience the inexpressible joy God promises? What does that even mean? Listen in. Download the listening guide here.