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Sunday, October 24. Church-22. Defying the Shame: Present Yourself. Pastor Matt continues the Defying the Shame series by identifying the noise around Timothy as he presents himself to God. Be ready to do a bit of identifying and imagining! Download Listening Guide.

Sunday, October 17. Church-22. Defying the Shame: Be Strong. Would you consider yourself a soldier, an athlete or a farmer? In 2 Timothy, Paul encourages Timothy to be strong in his faith. He uses these metaphors to make his point. Listen in Sunday to see which fits you! Download listening guide.

Sunday, October 10. Church-22. Defying the Shame: Good Deposit. Timidity and shame. They go hand-in-hand to keep us in the box. Paul encouraged Timothy to overcome shame, get out of the box and live in the fullness of what God has for him by guarding the good deposit. Listen to what this means for you. Download listening guide.

Sunday, October 3. Church-22. Defying the Shame: Live Out Your Calling.Church-22 wraps up this fall with an all-new series, Defying the Shame. Pastor Matt describes a box as anything in our lives that hinders us from being on fire for God. This week he talks about an action in 2 Timothy that destroys the box. Download listening guide.

Sunday, September 26. An Unexpected Message. Shifting circumstances called for … not Plan B or C … maybe not even Plan D. But God’s fingerprints marked the entire morning. Before you watch, be warned! He delivered a hard-hitting message through Pastor Nick. It might be tough to hear.

Sunday, September 19. Church-22. Defying the Shame: Boxed.Pastor Matt asks, “What keeps Jack in the box? What keeps you in the box?” 2 Timothy fashions the answer — an answer that finds abundant life outside the box. Download listening guide.

Sunday, September 5. Wall of Hostility Demolished.Demolishing walls of hostility — a timely topic. Pastor Matt challenges us on what the Bible teaches about such things in Ephesians 2. Discover age-old truths directly connected to what’s happening in our world. Download listening guide.

Sunday, August 29. God is Good but the Wicked Prosper. Oh Psalm 73 reflects the cries of our hearts over the hurt of feeling like the wicked prosper over the good. Pastor Matt discusses what this passage also reveals about the remedy. Download listening guide.

Sunday, August 22. Love God, Love Others, Love Yourself. What happens in the life after we decide to make Jesus our Lord and Savior? It all revolves around one thing — relationship. Pastor Nick brings light to the three parts of what this means. Download listening guide.

Due to technical difficulties, we jump right in at the message this week.

Sunday, August 15. Redemption, Restoration, Response. Pastor Nick discusses the three R’s leading up to the question, “What will you do with Jesus?” Have you answered it yet? Download listening guide.

Sunday, August 8. What Will You Do With Jesus? Pastor Nick takes us on a fact-finding mission to enable us to answer the question, “What will you do with Jesus?” Download listening guide.

Sunday, August 1. Church-22. Strengthening the Core: Pray Scripture. Isaiah 61:1-3. Pastor Matt explains how we can pray this scripture for Morning Star. He encourages us to become the house of prayer in our bodies God created us to be. Download listening guide.

Sunday, July 25. Church-22. Strengthening the Core: Pray Diligently. Jesus shares His authority in prayer with us. We join Him in the heavenly place when we confidently approach the throne. So the things we ask are possible. Pastor Matt shares more. Download listening guide.

Sunday, July 18. Church-22. Strengthening the Core: Worship Fully. Worship freely. We all have ideas of what that means and what that looks like. Andy Grubbs, worship director, shares a biblical perspective that just may challenge our thoughts. Download listening guide.

Sunday, July 11. Church-22. Strengthening the Core: Equip Fully. Are we prepared to battle evil with full armor? Or the make-believe version? Pastor Matt delineates the difference to equip us fully. Also … do not miss the powerful God story of prayer and obedience Nancy Branem shares! Download listening guide.

Sunday, July 4. Church-22. Strengthening the Core: Make Disciples. Making disciples lays at the core of all we do in faith. Are you distracted by secondary stuff? Have you given the room for discipleship it requires? Download listening guide.

Sunday, June 27. Church-22. Strengthening the Core: Go Boldly. The only thing we can do on earth that will be irrelevant in Heaven is share Jesus. Though He did not force the decision, Jesus brought people to the place of making a decision. So shall we? Download listening guide.

Sunday, June 20. Church-22. Strengthening the Core: Engage Relationally. Building relationships can be hard. Pastor Matt shares this struggle. But to be the church God wants us to be, this becomes an important lesson and practice. Download listening guide.

Sunday, June 6. Church-22. Strengthening the Core: Live Biblically. Pastor Matt opens the Strengthening the Core series with encouragement on living biblically. In Jesus, there is always a way to win. But we have to define what a win is — doing the will of God. Download listening guide.

Sunday, May 30. A time to set hearts aright and raise voices to the living God!