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SUNDAY, October 2 @ 10:15 a.m.


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Sunday, September 25. Proclaim! Anointed. The Spirit of the Lord works in us. It is upon us. The anointing of God is the cause. What does this all mean? Download listening guide.

Sunday, September 18. Proclaim! The Spirit is on Me. A fresh series starts as Pastor Matt Chesnes looks at the book of Luke to understand how Jesus served others. Download listening guide.

Sunday, September 11. Soaking. The word of the day is SOAKING. Pastor Matt asks us to consider what we are soaking in.

Sunday, September 4. The Kingdom of Light + The Dominion of Darkness. Contrary to what we may feel or experience, the air surrounding us is not merely empty space. Pastor Matt talks about the light and darkness that fill it.

Sunday, August 28. Live Truthfully. Pastor Matt and Pastor Nick swap churches for the day. Pastor Nick exhorts us to live truthfully and what that means in a world of different standards. Download listening guide.

Sunday, August 21. Fully Engaged. With the introduction of Annie Woolf, Morning Star’s new engagement coordinator, Pastor Matt reminds us what it means to be engaged at the church. Download listening guide.

Sunday, August 14. Worship God: Revelation 19. Two out of three of Pastor Matt’s kids get married next year. Congrats! But what does this fact have to do with Revelation 19? Tune in to find out. Download listening guide.

Sunday, July 24. Worship God: Revelation 14 + 15. Continuing in Revelation, Pastor Matt takes a turn in perspective. How do the lukewarm readers of the book respond? How do we read it? Download listening guide.

Sunday, July 17. Worship God: Revelation 8-11. How does persecution change the way we read the book of Revelation? Pastor Matt leads through this consideration. Do you see it the same way? Download listening guide.

Sunday, July 10. Worship God: Revelation 6 + 7. Pastor Matt kicks off the Worship God … on earth as it is in heaven … series. Also send off Mike and Lisa Keppler; and catch up with Caid and Rachel Ferguson mid service! Download listening guide.

Sunday, July 03. Worship God: Revelation 4 + 5. Pastor Matt begins another series out of Revelation, Worship God. He starts in Revelation 4-5. Oh what God has in store for us! Download listening guide.