Our Messages

AMAZING GOD. Whether you wonder about God or know Him personally chances are questions still arise as to who He is and what His names and attributes say about Him. Pastor Matt looks at who God reveals Himself (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) to be through the book of John.

Listen and come to know Him as a rescuer, creator, guide and more. Learn about the God who pursues you relentlessly and what this means to you today. By the end of the series, you may use only one word to describe Him: Amazing.

November 11. The Spirit Who Baptizes. (John 1:29-33.) Baptism by water, baptism in the Spirit – What?!?! Pastor Nick Chesnes covers the details, tells which one holds the power you need and explains what makes any of this relevant to you. Download the listening guide here.

November 4. Amazing God: The Spirit, Your Future. (John 20:19-22.) The focus this month shifts to the Holy Spirit – one of three parts of this one amazing God. Hear about the role of the Holy Spirit and consider what He might lead you to do. Download the listening guide here.

October 28. Amazing God: The Father Known. (John 17:1-3.) Knowledge turns to action. How does God expect us to proceed with knowledge of Him? What does it mean to know and be known by God? Download the listening guide here.

October 21. Amazing God: The Father Revealed. (John 14:6-4.) Philip said to Jesus, “Show us the amazing Father”. Pastor Matt explains Jesus’ response which surprised his disciples and may shock you as well. (And, what do colored cups have to do with it?)  Download the listening guide here.

October 14. Amazing God: The Father Who Sends. (The book of John.) Beginning to look closely at God the Father, the Bible reveals a God who sent Jesus on a mission and continues to send those who know Him on a mission today. Download the listening guide here.

October 7. Amazing God: Father, Son and Spirit. (John 1.) The idea of three persons but one God – the Trinity – challenges our thinking. How do we make sense of this core belief of the Christian church? Pastor Matt helps us sort it out. Download the listening guide here.

September 30. Amazing God: Judge. (The book of John.) We may not want to or like to hear it, but the Bible describes God as judge. How does this fit into the full character of God? On what does He base HIs judgments? And, how does this impact your life? Download the listening guide here.

September 23. Amazing God: Love. (The book of John.) The Bible tells us “God is love” (1 John). Listen in on the conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus (a religious ruler) to understand what this means and how God wants you to respond. Download the listening guide here.

September 16. Who is God? (John 1:1) What concept do you have about God? Is your vision one of a grumpy old man? A person holding a baseball bat? A rescuer in time of need? Personal? Or, impersonal? Listen to hear what truth the Bible reveals about God. Download the listening guide here.