Go Boldly

Hear the story of God’s love for you — right here.


COVID-19 shifts ideas about serving. We can’t we rely on a church building. We can’t count on working hand-in-hand. But, maybe … just maybe … God reveals ministry in the way He intended. The church is its people.

Perspective shifts take time to adopt. We have a choice. Wait it out until things return to “normal”. Or get creative and serve despite the challenge of not being able to meet in person.

Need inspiration?


It’s hard. We feel like we are missing out. We feel like we are not doing enough. Scripture says, “be still” (often in times of battle while God fights). COVID-19 tells us staying at home — being still — is serving.

That being said, God may call you to serve others actively. Ask Him to open your eyes to people in need you can serve. He might surprise you!

Check out these ideas: (We will post more as we are aware.)


Morning Star is planning for the Back-to-School Clothes Closet (in partnership with JFS). It provides free back-to-school clothes for kids in financially struggling families here in Geauga County.

As you clean out closets, PLEASE save those clothes donations for us — sizes 4T through adult (in styles appropriate to the young.)

Details about August drop off dates are to come.


More is needed as the threat of the virus keeps seniors housebound. Donations accepted! 

Area seniors need groceries! If you shop for your household, grab a couple extra nonperishable items (see list below). DROP DONATIONS in the bin outside the MSFC office door. The outreach ministry gets them to the Department of Aging. Seniors receive the food they need!

Requested items: canned vegetables, canned fruit, jelly, applesauce, boxed cereal, soups (chicken and vegetable, chicken and rice, vegetable, tomato), mac & cheese; apple juice; Hormel ready dinners, rice, crackers. 


Morning Star hands-on involvement ended April 17 as this ministry transitioned to providing weekly groceries to these families. 

Morning Star now partners with local organizations to provide groceries to families who get free lunches when school is in session.

How you can help: GIVE. (Your tithe helps purchase groceries.) PRAY. (Let’s not underestimate its value.)


Pastor Nick requests young artists (or artists of any age) send digital copies of their artwork to him (nchesnes@msfchurch.com). He then forwards them to Department of Aging to brighten the days of seniors.


  • Share a smile and kind words at the grocery store, over the phone or in social media comments.
  • When doing family errands, ask a neighbor what you can pick up for them. Drop items on their doorstep –include a surprise.
  • Give local restaurant gift cards to someone who needs a lift.
  • Mail letters or cards to family and friends.
  • Call or video chat with someone who needs encouraged.
  • Email or text scripture verses or devotionals.
  • Invite others to watch a Morning Star message (from home). Meet digitally for coffee and talk about it.
  • Do someone’s yard work (while they stay inside).
  • Be a voice of hope and encouragement on social media.