Morning Star Church Youth STARS

STARs (Sports. Training. Arts. Recreation.)

Give a kid a ball, coach her in life skills, hand him a paintbrush, open space indoors or out and the possibilities are endless. STARs teaches teamwork, discipline, perseverance, creativity and how to enjoy life — all things God wants us to learn. The STARs ministry brings out the best in your kids, and gives families a place to play together.

“I love the friendly environment. It is competitive but not too much.” – Logan, on the STARsports program.

Contact, (440) 286-2510

STARs Art Classes

Art activates both sides of the brain. It improves focus and memory. It gets kids thinking outside the box. It reflects God’s creativity and message. Starting in the arts at a young age humbly boosts kids’ view of themselves and others, whether the next Monet or just a kid who loves to draw.

STARs Dance Classes and Intensives

Moving to music offers kids a way to express their God-given emotions in healthy ways. Learning technique gives them confidence to step out of their shell. Encouraging STARdance instructors bring the inner ballerina, hip hop or modern dancer out in a way that makes their Creator smile.

STARs Basketball Camp and League

The summer opens outdoor space for kids to shoot hoops, improve basketball skills, and build character and relationships at the STARbasketball camp. Winter brings on the friendly competition of the STARsbasketball league. Both prioritize children, families and Jesus.

STARs Soccer Camp and League

The spring and summer find kids passing and dribbling but not just basketballs. Kicking the soccer ball around the field releases energy, improves skills and builds character. Add Jesus to the mix and you get STARs soccer camp and league play.