Ministry Highlight

Get to know the ministries of Morning Star and the people who make them happen here!

Morning Star Church: Our Beliefs


Musicians can be a quirky bunch … A little ornery? A bit rebellious? But for the Morning Star worship team, unity in Jesus helps smooth out the edges when they get rough. (And, yes, they can get rough — they are people after all, right?) 

But the team is determined to sing God’s glory and tell His story. Period. 

Mental health challenges, struggling children, family issues, loss, grief … this team faces hard things like those of us in the chairs. And also like us, they know victories, celebration and joy. Through it all, they lift voice and instruments to praise the God that holds each of them and each of us in the midst. 

They learn firsthand that worship is their weapon. 

The worship director, Andy Grubbs, counts it a divine call and privilege to train teams to lead others in worship. And he takes this privilege seriously (though he has a lot of fun doing it!) 

Individually, team members are encouraged to invest in their relationship with Jesus and craft their musical skill. The team also fleshes out God’s Word together. This spring they dive into the hard-hitting book, How to Worship a King by Zach Neese. And, prayer is a lifeline to them.

But don’t let this seriousness fool you. God says laughter is good medicine. And this team knows how to stir up rib-tickling chaos. Jokes and zingy one-liners keep things lively. Walk into any rehearsal to glimpse the camaraderie, work ethic and blending of instruments, mixed with antics. 

Even in the imperfection, you can’t help but know God’s presence. 

The Morning Star worship team continues to grow with a leadership team (Andy, Allen Perry and Hannah Forster) rounded out by talented, God-seeking instrumentalists and vocalists. Every single one plays a key role in the congregation’s ability to worship on Sunday mornings and at events.

Morning Star thanks God for this amazing team and its leading into God’s presence. 


Interested in being part of the worship team? Andy is always up for a conversation to help you discover if it is a fit for you. Shoot him an email,